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Organic Naturally Colored Cloth Menstrual Pad - Cherry Pad Comfy & Easy to Clean


Comfortable, Healthy & Happy

Most disposable pads contain pesticides, petrochemical products, and/or irritating synthetic chemicals. The softness, breathability and comfort of our organic cotton cloth Pad “Cherry Pad” is unrivalled:

²   Much more breathable than the plastic layer of disposable pad, therefore less likely to cause infection.

²   Does not have chemical dyes, fluorescent agent or heavy metals so are kind to skin and causing less skin irritations.

²   Handmade using organic naturally colored cotton.

Many cute and pretty patterns to choose from, like your underwear. From now on, your period will be full of colors!

Easy to Clean & Hygiene

Many usually worries about the cleansing part. In fact, you get to know your body and period better when you do the cleansing. The special design of Cherry Pad also makes it very easy to be cleansed without stains. You can soak them in water and then toss them into the washing machine. Easy!

You must have experience cleansing your stained panty or bed sheet before and it is just similar! Disposable tampons and pads are not sterile, so there’s no reason in that sense to prefer them over reusable products where you control the washing.

Sustainable & Afforable

The environmental reasons to switch from disposables are staggering. You’ll use close to 10,000 tampons/pads in your lifetime and they are not degradable! Moreover, Cherry Pad can be used for 2 to 3 years so can save your pocket in longer terms.


If you’ve never used cloth pad before, we suggest you to try our trial sets which offer different sizes at a bargain!