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Q: What is “Cotton Cloth Pad”? How is it different from the cotton disposable pad? Cotton cloth pad is made of cotton and it’s reusable & washable. In fact, most disposable napkins contain pesticides, petrochemical products, and/or irritating synthetic chemicals. Newspapers recently reported that most majority cotton disposable pads have no cotton but only synthetic fibers.

Think about it: Would you rather wear paper and plastic underwear or something soft and smooth like cotton? Why wouldn't you want the same pressed against or within your most delicate skin? 

Q: How good are the cotton cloth pad? Some benefits shared by users: "comfortable and feel like a panty", "being surrounded by a soft pad and good breathability", "saving the environment", "reduce menstrual cramps and skin rashes", "allergy is gone"

Q: What is so special about “Cherry Pad”? Cherry Pad is made of certified organic naturally colored cotton. The softness, breathability and comfort of organic cotton is unrivaled. Organic Cherry Pad are without chemical dyes, fluorescent agent or heavy metals so are kind to skin.

Q: Do I need to change more often than disposables? The frequency for the two is the same. You change more often when having a heavy day and less when having a light day. Cherry Pad has a unique leak-proof layer which is very breathable. Generally speaking, we suggest to change every 2 - 3 hours during day time.

Q: Will it move easily?   Even with wings and adhesive back, disposable pads still move quite often, especially if you work out or have outdoor activities. Cherry Pad has plastic snap buttons and special design to keep it in place. These buttons, which are made in Japan, are secured and need to use fingers to unbotton it. We, however, still suggest you to wear fit underwear and avoid silky underwear during menstrual cycle. You can find out more in our “How to use” page.

Q: Will I feel the plastic snap buttons? We have chosen the smallest snap buttons which are very thin and flat. Unless the pads are worn in the wrong way, you wouldn't feel the buttons at all.

Q: Will it leak? You no longer need to worry about leakage! Cherry Pad moves with your body so it is better for absorption side-to-side. It also comes with a unique breathable leak-proof lining to avoid leaks. The night and extra-long night pads (36cm/45cm) are for leak protection front-to-back.

Q: How to carry them out? You can use any leak-proof plastic bag with zip. You can also try our special designed waterproof wet bag which comes with two layers. Clean pads and tissues can be put into the outside layer and the used pads can be put inside the leak-proof layer.

Q: Worry about the odor/smell? In fact, the smell/odor is coming from the chemical reactions between plastic particles of the disposables and menstruation which would not happen in Cherry Pad! Therefore, there won’t be any smell/odor from the used pads.

Q: Is it easy to clean? Cherry Pad can be cleansed very easily without leaving any stain! What you need to do is to soak them in water for 10 minutes and then wash away remaining menstruation under the tap. Toss them into the washing machine afterwards. They can be cleaned easily without stains even after 2-3 days. You can visit “How to wash” page for more details.

Q: I want to give a try. How many Cherry Pad do I need? If you’ve never used a reusable pad before, we suggest you to start with panty liner and regular day pad (19cm and 24cm). We offer different kinds of trial sets at discount for first time users. If you enjoy using our unique organic cotton pad, you can try heavy day pad and night pads. You can also get the 5-pieces bundle of the same type of pads together with your friends to enjoy a better price. 

Q: How many pieces do I need for the whole period cycle? Again, we'd recommend you to start with a small volume. You may use Cherry Pad and disposable sanitary napkins alternatively. E.g. you can use disposable when go out and use Cherry Pad at home to enjoy the softness and comfort. Therefore, the required number of Cherry Pad varies. 

If you plan to use them for your whole cycle, the first thing to consider is how often you would do the cleansing. If the pads are washed every day, you would need 5 - 8 pieces of various lengths; if the pads are washed every other day, the number is just doubled. Other factors to consider include the humidity, the use of drying machine etc. You may try our “10 Pcs Bundle for a Cycle” which contains 10 pieces of various lengths at discount.     

Q: What if I have heavy flow? Our removable cotton liner is designed for extra absorption. You can purchase a removable cotton liner and apply it together with the night and extra-long night pads. Please refer to the "How to Use" page for the detailed instructions.

Q: How long can it last? Similar to your panty, Cherry Pad will wear away after being washed several times. You can consider getting a new one when its absorption power drops. A Cherry Pad can last for 2 to 3 years with the right maintenance.  

Q: Why can't I use fabric softener/dryer sheets? Softener and dryer sheets will block the pores in the cotton cloth and reduce its breathability and absorbency so are not recommended.

Q: Can I use handmade soap? Soap1, including but not limited to handmade soap, liquid soap, are not recommended since glycerin will be produced during the saponification process2. Glycerin will block the leak-proof lining, impacting its breathability.

Note 1: Soap can be used for Cherry Pads without waterproof lining. 

Note 2: Some soap manufacturers have removed glycerin from their soap and these soaps can be used to clean Cherry Pads. Please check with your soap manufacturer.

Q: Can they be soaked in water for long time? We don't recommend soaking them in water for too long. Keep them in a covered box to reduce the exposure to air and moisture, slowing down the growth of bacteria, before you wash them.

Q: What if sunshine is not available? You can use drying machine instead. We suggest using washing machine to clean the Cherry Pad at least once after a cycle and getting them exposed to the sun. The sun is one the toughest killer of germs.

Q: Will all my rashes gone?  Rashes before and during the cycle could be due to many reasons, e.g. too tight pants, weakened immune system, change of diet, increase of infection due to non-breathable disposable, skins is irritated by the synthetic or chemical surface of disposable, etc. Using Cherry Pad can allow better air flow and make you comfortable.

Q: Will it reduce itchy and allergy? The breathability of organic cotton can make you feel comfortable and reduce irritation & the chance of infection. However, we suggest you to consult a doctor if you have vaginal infection. Cherry Pad cannot cure any vaginal infection.

Q: Is the leak-proof layer plastic? No, the leak-proof layer is made of green material TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is biodegradable and won’t cause harm to human or the planet.

Q: I don’t want others to know what I bought. No worries, we pack the product half-transparently without label and it just look like a pretty handkerchief!

Q: Can I use it together with tampon or menstrual cups? Yes, of course. Cherry Pad fit very well with tampon/menstrual cups. 

Q: Can Cherry Pad be used for vaginal discharge (lochia) after delivery? Sure. Organic cotton pad is very good to your sensitive skin after delivery. It won't tug or pull at stitches.

Q: Can Cherry Pad be used for light urine leakage? Definitely since Cherry Pad has a leak-proof layer. However, we only recommend to use Cherry Pad for mild case.