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Q. What is a cloth menstrual pad?
A. A cloth menstrual pad or sanitary napkin is made of cotton fabric, and can be reused after wash. Most disposable pads or napkins contain pesticides, petrochemical products, and/or irritating synthetic chemicals. Newspapers once reported that the majority of so-called cotton disposable pads have no cotton but only synthetic fibers.


Q. What are the benefits of cloth menstrual pads?
A. Some benefits shared by users: "comfortable and have zero-feel", "being protected by a soft fabric with good breathability", "saving the environment", "reduce menstrual cramps and skin rashes", "allergy is gone"


Q. Why your cloth pads are made of organic naturally colored cotton?
A. Lovely Cotton reusable menstrual pads are made of GOTS certified naturally colored cotton fabric. GOTS helps ensure that our organic cotton is sourced in the most ethical and sustainable ways from seed, to sew, and finally, to fabric. Since there no dye is applied to the fabric, our pads are more breathable and without harmful substance which is much kinder to your skin.


Q. Do cloth pads absorb less so I have to change more often?
A. The changing frequency for cloth pads and disposable is the same. You change more often when having a heavy day and less when having a light one. Our pads come with breathable leakproof layers to keep you protected all day long! Generally speaking, we suggest to change every 2 - 3 hours during day time.


Q. Do cloth pads move?
A. Even with adhesive tapes at the back, disposable pads still move quite often, especially if you work out or have outdoor activities. Our washable pads have plastic snap buttons on the wings to keep them in place. Relative to plastic which tends to stay in its own shape, cotton fabric of the reusable pads can lay softly on your body. As long as you wear just-fit cotton panty (not thong style), the pads would stick to your body all the time. Of course, you can also wear Lovely Cotton menstrual panty tailored made for reusable pads or our organic cotton panty.


Q. Do cloth pads leak easily?
A. Lovely Cotton reusable menstrual pads have different number of organic cotton absorbent layers for various sizes and leakproof layer! The leakproof layer is made of TPU which is very breathable and biodegradable. Lovely Cotton overnight pads with extended front and back for you to have a worry-free sleep. Pick the pads based on your flow and you will be protected!


Q. Are used cloth pads smelly?
A. If you are healthy without any inflammation or infection, the reusable pads would not be smelly even you change after sleeping for the whole night, or at most a bit of bloody smell. It is because reusable pads do not have any plastic and very breathable. Disposable pads create a humid environment for bacteria to grow tremendously due to its plastic material. That is why it usually smells when you change pads every time and smell become stronger if not change often. You can place used pads inside waterproof pouch and no one will even notice! There is also no smell at all when you take them out after all day long.


Q. Can cloth pads be cleaned easily?
A. Our pads are easy to wash with no stain left! Just put your used pads under the tap. After most menses are washed away, squeeze several times until the water looks clean. And then wash together with your panty or other clothes, either by hand or washing machine, as you normally would. Please visit our “How to use & clean” page for more details.


Q. I am new to cloth pads. How can I start?
A. You can start with a panty liner or small quantity of other sizes to be used together with disposable pads. We also have different kinds of Daytime Sets, Night Sets and All Sizes Combo which are also good starting kits. Once you get familiar, you can create your own washable pads combos!


Q. How many pieces of cloth pads do I need for a full cycle?
A. If you plan to use our pads for the whole cycle, you will first consider how often to do the cleansing. If the pads are washed every day, you would need 5 - 7 pieces, and double if they are washed every other day, etc.. Other factors to consider include the period flow, humidity and the use of dryer. You can also get our “12 Pcs Combo” for a cycle based on your menstrual flow at a bargained price.


Q. Will all my rashes go away?
A. Rashes before and during the cycle could be due to many reasons, e.g. too tight pants, weakened immune system, change of diet, increase of infection due to non-breathable disposable pads, skin being irritated by the plastic or chemical of disposable pads, etc. Using our washable pads can allow better air flow, less irritation so you will feel much more comfortable.


Q. Will cloth pads also stop itchiness and allergy?
A. The breathability of our organic naturally colored cotton can make you comfy, reduce the chance of infection due to stuffy environment and minimize allergies due to chemicals. However, we suggest to consult a doctor if you have vaginal infection since cloth pad is not a medical treatment.


Q. Can cloth pads be used for vaginal discharge (lochia) after delivery?
A. Definitely, we recommend using our washable pads in fact since our organic naturally colored cotton would be very kind to your delicate skin after delivery.


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Want to know more? Please visit Lovely Cotton's Eco Day. You can also visit and leave your comments/questions on our facebook page / instagram page (ID lovelycotton525).