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Fragrance Cube Natural Mosquito Repellent – Effective, Safe & Convenient


 Effective and Safe to kids: no electricity or candle is needed. No need to refill fragrance oil. Put it there then it works! Easy!

 Each fragrance cube can be used for 1 year. Worth the price!

 Made use of natural fragrance oil which mosquitoes are scared of. Cube does not contain harmful ingredients like DEET. It's definitely the best protection for you and family.

Traditional coil, mosquito electric liquid vaporizer, mosquito insect repellent spray/lotion/stickers usually contains chemicals which may cause allergy and exceptionally dangerous to toddlers and kids brain development.

Fragrance cube not only expel mosquito and insects, it also makes your home smells nice and refresh.

Each cube can be used for a 70 sq. feet indoor area, depending on the ventilation.

Weight: About 100g (+/- 5g). Since it is handmade, sometimes there could be tiny pieces off. This is absolutely normal and would not affect usage.

Notes: Please avoid high temperature or sunshine. It’ll melt if put under the sun inside a car. It isn’t soap so please don’t use it for shower.


If you wanna know more about our handmade fragrance mosquito repellent cube,

please click me: mosquito repellent fragrance cube FAQ